Printavo - Understanding Statues


Most of these statuses are used for internal production
and to know where we stand with jobs.

We will go over a few that you will need to know.

- Quote (This is the default status on new jobs)
Use this one as a place holder till you get all the information about the job.

- Art Department (When switching to this, our art department gets notified)
Please email our designer the information associated with this job. Please subject the email with the job number.

- Art department waiting on approval (This is a notifation to let you know that the art department has sent an email to your client with proofs)

- Artwork completed (You will get a notification via text when switched to this)
This means the artwork has been approved and is ready for you to check everything before sending it as a final approval. In some cases, if artwork is already provided by the customer, the art department will just add the files to job without the approval to speed up process.

- Waiting on… (Use these to keep track of where the job stands)

- Final Approval Email/Text (When selecting this, it will either email or send a text message to the customer for them to sign off on the final approval.

- Send Workorder (This will automatically show up when the customer has signed off on the final approval) You do not have to do anything from this point on. We will handle sending the workorder to the right department along with the artwork.

- Goods on Order (This is a placeholder to show that items needs to be ordered)

- In Production (This is a placeholder to show where the goods are being produced)

- Invoice (Means the job is complete and an invoice has been sent to your client)
A small “paid” notification will show on the calendar and on the top right within the job.